december playlist. 2018

December is a strange month caught in between autumn and winter, a battle of falling leaves & falling snow. While Christmas carols are the go-to music this month, at least, where I am from, I created this playlist intending to capture the drama of December, songs of eerie melodies and haunting beauty.

  1. Images (Live / 1964) – Nina Simone
  2. Citizens of Glass – Agnes Obel
  3. Bedshaped – Keane
  4. I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
  5. The Wolf – Phildel
  6. Somebody to Die For – Hurts
  7. Amsterdam – Coldplay
  8. Trojan Horses – Agnes Obel
  9. Run Boy Run – Woodkid
  10. Nordlys – Myrkur
  11. The end – Sibylle Baier

I have compiled these songs into a YouTube playlist for your convenience. Enjoy!



I’m not a complete stranger when it comes to starting and writing a blog. You could say I have a few attempts under my belt. You think I wouldn’t feel quite so out of my depth trying to figure out how to begin this first entry. But it has been a few years, and I admit first impressions were never my strong suit.

But a good, old-fashioned introduction seems as good a place as any to start.

Hello! I’m Bailey, a 26-year-old girl (girl? woman? girl.) currently living in Utah. I am originally from Washington state and never live in one place too long, but I’ve been in Utah for many years now even if I do change my residential address every year or so. Some of you may know me from my previous blog or from my Instagram account (@wildfoxanthology). I’m a wife, the mother to an adorable toddler, an avid reader, performing arts enthusiast, world traveler, writer-in-the-making, aspiring photographer, & hygge lover. Or essentially, an eclectic human being in the pursuit of creativity and coziness in the even greater search of finding meaning in the great wide universe.

I just want to live. I want to live artfully & deeply with intention, purpose, passion, and expression. I want to gather stories and have some good ones to tell when I’m old and can no longer carry on as I do now, knowing that I had a full, beautiful life.

Which brings me to what kind of content you can expect from this little slice on the internet. On the surface level, you can expect books, photography, stories, poems, songs, & anything else I can think of inspired by stories. On a more existential level, this is my canvas, my playground, my journal, and my storybook as I explore the imagination vs reality and everything in between.

Thank you in advance for joining me on the journey.